Persimmon variety SUVENIR OSENI

    Top is of widely pyramidal form. Height is 2,8 m. Fruits are cone-shaped, large. Mass is 164-230 gr, height – 46,0-75,5 mm, diameter – 71,9 mm.
    Firm fruit is yellow-orange with thing wax film. Skin is thin without stone cells. Flesh is dark-orange, astringent; ripened fruit is like jam with light fibrous, very sweet. There are 8-10 seeds in the middle of fruit. Seeds are brown, flat.
    Fruits begin to ripen in October. Storage of fruits is up to December. Transportability of fruits is during 15-20 days.
    Fruiting is regular. Productivity is high(80-120 kg/tree).
    Leaves are weakly damaged by spots. Vegetation period is 235-241 days.
    Variety is good for processing and drying. Ripened fruits have dessert flavor.