Main directions of scientific research


FSFIS “NBG-NSC” performs fundamental scientific research within the framework of the Scientific Research Program of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2021-2030 under section IV.


Field of scientific knowledge: 4. Agricultural sciences in the following areas:


4.1. Agriculture, forestry, fishing industry;


4.1.1. Agriculture, melioration, water and forest management Optimization of agricultural nature management, agroecological assessment of land, creation of adaptive farming systems and new-generation agricultural technologies based on digitalization and regulation of the flow of biogenic elements in agroecosystems. Biological and chemical means of agricultural intensification, symbiotic engineering and genomic editing for the creation of plant-microbial systems, bioindication and biotesting of agroecosystems, remediation of polluted agricultural objects. Agroforestry-improving and forest complexes, protection of forest stands from man-made and natural impacts, new genotypes and cultivars of woody and shrubby plants with increased resistance to adverse environmental factors, prevention of degradation and desertification of agricultural landscapes under climate change.


4.1.2. Horticulture, plant protection and biotechnology. Search, preservation, study of plant genetic resources and their use in the breeding process when creating new forms, cultivars and hybrids of agricultural, medicinal and aromatic crops. Management of the breeding process of creating new genotypes of cultivated plants with high-value traits of productivity and quality, resistance to bio- and abiostressors; methods and approaches for realizing the genetic potential of new genotypes of agricultural, medicinal and aromatic crops. Seed science and systems of seed production of agricultural crops, including innovative technologies for the production of high-quality seeds, taking into account the soil and climatic conditions of the Russian Federation. New systems and methods for monitoring the phytosanitary status of agrobiocenoses and diagnostics of microorganisms. New nature-like, biological and chemical plant protection products; systems for the rational use of chemical and biological protection products for agricultural plants using digital technologies.


4.1.3. Agricultural soil science. Indicators of changes in soil properties under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors, new systems for managing soil fertility in dynamic environmental conditions.


Field of scientific knowledge: 1.6. Biological sciences


1.6.2. Ecology of organisms and biocenoses


1.6.3. Biological diversity and bioresources


1.6.4. General genetics


1.6.5. Soils as a component of the biosphere


1.6.7. Experimental plant biology


1.6.12. Biotechnology and synthetic biology Agrobiotechnologies