It belongs to constant group. Dioecious form. It is developed only female flowers. Tree is medium vigorous. Height is 3,8 m, wide is 2,3 m, rootstock is 0,7 m, diameter is 0,53 m  when tree is 10 years old. Top is round-cone-shaped form.
    Fruits are round-flat. Mass is up to 130 gr. Firm fruit is red-orange with wax layer. Ripened fruit is of claret color.  Flesh of ripened fruit is like jam, claret-red, sweet.
    It produces fruits each year. Average yield capacity is 70 kg/tree. Storage and transportability is up to December.
    It is resistant to pests and diseases.
    Vegetation period is 225-234 days.
    Variety is dessert, fruits are eatable only fully ripened in first half of November.
    It differs by comparatively high resistance to low negative air temperatures.