Peach variety SOVETSKY


    Tree is vigorous with round spreading top. Frost resistance is medium. Variety is self-fruitful, resistant to mildew. It begins to produce fruits on the 2-3 year. Productivity is high and regular. Five years old tree produces 60-70 kg.  Market quality is high. Fruits are larger then medium size, mass is 130-150 gr, oval-round. Skin is thick, firm with velvet pubescence. Ground color is light yellow, blush is bright carmine covered 60% of the surface. Flesh is yellow, near the stone is bright crimson, tender, fibrous, medium-textured consistency with pleasant content of sugar and acid. Stone is medium-sized,mass is 6-7 gr, oval, free. Ripening period is early medium (1-2 decade of August). Fruits ships well. It is good table variety, but can be used for juices and jams.