Trees are medium vigorous with round lightly spreading  medium-thick top. Flowers are companuleflorae. Blossom is in medium period. Frost resistance of flower buds is medium.
    Fruits are elliptic, mass is 110-130 gr., ripen in the 3 decade of July – 1 decade of August (30.07 -3.08). The top of fruit is slightly flat. Skin is medium thick with hard pubescence. Ground color is creme-white , blush is pink-carmine with dots covered 75% of the surface. Flesh is white tinged with creme , fibrous, very juicy with pleasant content of sugar and acid.
    Stone is medium sized. It is semi-cling-stone. Sometimes it is freestone when fully ripe. Productivity is high (136 c/ha). It ripens one week earlier then control variety Sovetsky. It differs with original flavor and color.