Peach variety FRANT



    Tree is vigorous with widely spreading top. Flower buds are very resistant to frosts and medium resistant to spring frosts. Variety is self-fruitful, resistant to mildew. Resistant to drought is high. It begins to produce fruits on the 4-5 year after planting in orchard. It ripens in the 2-3 decade of July in the conditions of the Crimea. Productivity is regular. Market quality is high, transportability is satisfactory. Fruits are medium-sized, mass is 125 gr., wide-oval. Skin is with medium quite tough pubescence not separated from the flesh. It is creme with bright  crimson-red blush covered 75-90% of the surface. Flesh is white, firm,tender fibrous consistency, medium aromatic, harmonic flavor with light pleasant acid.  Stone is not large (6-7 gr). It is semi-cling-stone.  Mainly it is the table variety, But can be used for juices.