Ornamental peach variety LEL



    It belongs to rare group of ornamental peaches with half-double chrysanthemum like flowers. Tree is medium size with round top with brown skeleton branches and purple-claret shoots. It has not large flowers (30-35 mm in diameter) with 18-20 petals.Other remarkable peculiarity of flower of this variety is the harmonic contrasting combination pale-lilac-pink color of petals, with age it becomes lighter. It blossoms abundantly from the first decade of April during 18-22 days and belongs to group of early-medium varieties. Very important peculiarity of this variety is high resistant to mildew and leaf's curl. It is very winter-resistant on South Coast of the Crimea and also feel good in steppe zone of the Crimea and South regions of the Ukraine. It is recommended for landscape gardening in southern regions of the Ukraine. It can be used in group and alleys plantations, in the gardens of all year round blossom as representative of early spring blossom dendroflora, as dominant plant in romantic corners surrounded by bulb flowers and other perennial flowers.