Marjoram variety PREKRASNY

Majorana hortensis Moench

       Perennial grassy plant with the height of 50 cm.
    It blossoms in the 2 decade of July. Length of blossom is 17 days. The vegetation period begins in the 1 decade of April. Flower buds appear in the 3 decade of May. Mass blossom is in the 1 decade of July. Seeds ripen in the 1 decade of September.
     Productivity of raw material is 20,4 c/ha. Mass part of essential oil is 0,71%  from raw mass. Output of oil is 14,3 kg/ha.
   The raw material from marjoram has muscat-pepper fragrance. The main components of essential oil are terpinen-4ol (37,2%) and linalool (16,3%).
      It grows well on light, fertile, well aired, irrigated soils.