Hyssop variety NIKITSKY BILY

Hyssopus officinalis L.


   It is half-bush of 55 cm high, 65 cm in diameter, compact. Vegetation begings in the 1-2 decade of March, beginning of blossom is in the 3 decade of March. Mass blossom is in July. Fruiting is in the 2 decade of August. Length  of blossom is 75-80 days. The period from the beginning of vegetation up to the period of seeds ripening is 160 days.
    For raw material for obtaining essential oil is used the above-ground mass collected at the beginning of blossom when the output of oil is maximum. Productivity of raw materials is 113,9 c/ha. Mass part of essential oil is 0,45% from raw materials. Main component of essential oil is izopinocamphon (71%).
    Hyssop is propagated by seeds and cuttings. The germination of seeds after 6 month keeping in laboratory conditions under temperature  +22C is 80-90%. The best period for cutting is February, March.
    Plant is light-loving, drought-resistant, winter-resistant. Hyssop grows well on light, draining soils. It doesn't grow good on salty and marsh soils.