Apricot variety KOSTINSKY

    Tree is higher than medium size, round-oval, medium thick crown and slightly raised branches, fruiting on spurs.
    Fruits are large (50-65 gr.), oval, reaped on sides, with round top and bottom. Skin is creme-yellow with pale crimson blush on sunny side, with medium pubescence, dull. Flesh is yellow, more intensive near the skin and lighter near the stone, solid, tender, very sweet with pleasant light acid and fragrance, excellent flavour quality. Stone is medium-sized. Kernel is sweet.
    Fruits stay on the tree when mature. Variety belongs to medium ripening period (2-3 decade of July). Winter-hardiness of flower buds is medium, storage and transportability of fruits is good. Resistance to diseases is satisfactory. Yield capacity in favourable years are high (8,0-10,0 t/ha). Variety is self-fruitful. It blossoms in medium periods.