Apricot variety ALTAIR


    Tree is medium-sized with round spreading crown and slightly raised branches. It begins bruiting on the 4-5th year after planting in orchard.
    Fruits are 45-50 gr., wide-oval, almost round with round or slightly pressed top. Skin is light-orange with beautiful pink blush covered 50% of the surface. Flesh is orange, solid-fibrous, firm, medium juicy, light aroma, sour-sweet. Stone is 2,3 gr, 4,8% from fruit mass. It is freestone. Kernel is bitter.
    Transportation is good. Fruits stay on the tree when mature. Variety is of medium ripening period (2d decade of July). The fruits' use is universal. Winter resistant of flower buds is higher then medium, resistant to diseases is high. Productivity is regular up to 10,0 t/ha. Blossom is in medium periods.