Crimean wormwood variety ALUPKA

Artemisia taurica willd.


    Perennial plant 55-60 cm high and 70-75 cm in diameter.
    It is propagated be seeds and vegetatively by woody cuttings. The best planting period is March-April. Shoots appear on the 6-7 day. Rosette of leaves is formed in 25-30 days. Vegetation period is 250-260 days. Mass blossom is in the middle of October. Seeds ripen at the end of November-beginning of December.
    For raw material is used the above-ground part of plant in phase of mass blossom. Productivity is 90,6 c/ha, output of essential oil is 59,8 kg/ha.
    It is drought-resistant,winter-resistant, undemanding to soils. It is resistant to pests and diseases.