Cat Mint variety PEREMOZHETS-3

Nepeta cataria var. citriodora Dum.


    Perennial grassy plant. The height is 65-70 cm. Diameter of bush is 70 cm. The beginning of vegetation is in the 1-2 decade of March. Blossom begings in the 3 decade of June, mass blossom is in the 2 decade of July. The length of blossom is 25-30 days. Seeds ripen in the 2-3 decade of August. From the beginning of vegetation up to ripening of seeds is 155-165 days.
    Above-ground part of plant gathered in phase of blossom is used as raw material. Productivity is 70 c/ha. Mass part of essential oil is 0,5% from raw materials. Output of essential oil is 35 kg/ha. The perfume mark of oil is 4,7.
    The main components of essential oil are spirit nerol (33,2%) and aldegides neral and geranial (22,5%) given the citral aroma to essential oil.
    Plant is propagated by seeds. Seeds are planted in late Autumn (November). During spring planting the seeds need stratification. It is necessary to pay attention that for seeds it is better to leave plant with bright lemon fragrance. The plats is moisture-loving. The good harvest of above-ground part in dry regions can be obtained only under watering.