Gold-poppy Staunton variety ROZOVE OBLAKO

Elsholtzia stauntonii Benth.


    It is compact half-shrub 100 m high and 80 cm in diameter.
    Beginning of vegetation is the end of March- beginning of April. Beginning of blossom is in the 1 decade of September. Mass blossom is in the 2 decade of September. End of blossom is the 3 decade of September. Length of blossom is 20-25 days. Seeds ripen at the end of the first – beginning of the second decade of October. 190-200 days pass from the beginning of vegetation up to the ripening of seeds.
    The upper part of one-year shoots, collected in phase of blossom is used as raw material. Productivity of raw material is 170 c/ha. Content of essential oil is 0,32% from raw mass. Output of essential oil is 54 kg/ha. Main components in essential oil are rozphuran (40,5%) and rozphuranepocside (up to 305). Perfume mark of essential oil is 5.
    It is propagated well by seeds and cuttings. Optimal period for cutting is February. Plant is light-loving. It positively reacts on organic and mineral fertilizers and watering. It differs with regular productivity regardless of weather conditions in vegetation period. It is drought-resistant.