Goats'-rue variety LIDIYA

Galega officinalis L.



    Perennial grassy medical plant of 90-95 cm high. Mass blossom is at the beginning of July. In 50-55 days seeds ripen. Vegetation period lasts 175-180 days.
    It is propagated by seeds. The first shoots appear on the 10-16 day. The number of days between first shoots and mass blossom is 90-95 days. Length of blossom is 30-35 days.
    The above-ground part in phase of blossom is used in medical purpose. Productivity is 109 c/ha. The content of galegine is up to 1,8%. The growth begins in early spring, the end of March. On the 3 year  the productivity decrease. Variety has high productivity. It is possible to harvest the plant twice under watering.
    It grows well on open areas on light soils.