Quince variety KRYMSKA RANNYA

     Tree is medium vigorous with compact rather thick top.
   Winter-resistance of wood is high, winter-resistance of buds is medium, resistance to diseases is medium. It blossoms in early periods.  It begins to produce fruits on the 3 year after planting in orchard. Productivity is300-345 c/ha.
     Fruits are large (300-350 gr), flat-round. Skin is medium firm, smooth, light-yellow,almost without pubescence. Flesh is light-creme, juicy,medium firm, without stone cells, harmonic flavor. Fruits are rich in vitamin C – 37,1 mg/100 gr. It begins to ripen in the 3 decade of September, technological ripening occur in 10-15 days. Storage is 30-35 days. Fruits can be used fresh.