Tree is medium vigorous, top is round, spreading. Fruits are of early ripening period (1 decade of October). Fruits are large, the same size, average mass is 30 gr., maximum – 50 gr. Fruit is egg-shaped. Fully ripened fruit is light-green. There is light wax bloom all over the surface. Flesh is tender, like jelly in the center. Flavor of jelly part of the fruit is sweet, fresh, fragrant. Firm part (9mm) with small quantity of stone cells is sour-sweet.
    Skin is sour, a little bitter. The number of seeds is small. Seeds are large, creme color.
    Productivity is regular, 20-25 kg/tree. Yield capacity is 100c/ha.
    Fruits are of universal use. They can be used fresh and for processing: dried and canned fruits, jams.
    Values of variety: early ripening period, large fruits, good taste quality. Production cost – 6,0 grn/ha, profit – 139760 grn/ha, profitableness – 232%.