Persimmon variety ROSIYANKA

    It belongs to constant group. It forms only female flowers. Top is pyramidal with weeping branches. Tree is medium vigorous: 47-years old tree is 4,3 m high, 2,6 m wide,0,6,5 m in diameter, height of stock is 1,0 m.
    Fruits are flat, round in projection, height – 32-33 mm, diameter – 47-48 mm. Average mass of fruit is 80-100 gr., maximum – 110 gr.
    Firm fruit is yellow-orange with wax bloom. Flesh is astringent. Flesh of ripened fruit is orange, thick jam consistency, very sweet with delicate pleasant aroma.
    It begins to ripen in November. Storage and transportability up to December.
    Fruiting is each year. Productivity is 75-95 kg/tree.
    It is resistant to pests and diseases.
    Vegetation period is 237-244 days.
    Frost-resistance is higher then the resistance of eastern persimmon.
    Variety is dessert, fruits are eatable while fully ripened at the end of November.