Persimmon variety ZIROCHKA



    Top is half-ball-shaped, height is 2,7 m, wide is 3,1 m, height of stock is 55 cm, diameter is 7,5 cm.
    Fruits are round, medium sized; mass is 64-117 gr, height – 39,3-51,2 mm, diameter – 52,4-62,7 mm.
    Firm fruit is orange with thing wax layer, flesh is of more light color. Flesh tings with brown if there are some seeds. Flesh of ripened fruit is red-orange, like jam, light fibrous, very sweet. Medulla is cylindrical, yellow. There are 8-10 seed located in the middle of fruit.
    It begins to ripen at the end of September. Storage and transportability is up to December.
    Yield capacity is 45-60 kg/tree.
    Leaves are damaged by fungi diseases.
    It is early ripening dessert variety.