Zizyphus variety Sinit


    Variety Sinit was selected from seedlings growing from irradiated seeds of variety Chinese 60.
    Tree is medium vigorous. Top is round and spreading. Fruits are of medium size. Average mas is 5,0 gr. Maximum is 6,0 gr. Fruits are long oval. Skin is dark-brown, thin, firm, shining. Flesh is crème, juicy,sour-sweet. The content of flesh in fruits is 96%. Fruits have sugar – 30,8%,  ascorbic acid – 516,4%, P-active combinations – 610 mg/100 gr., pectin – 1,7%. Fruits are for universal use, especially good for eating fresh, and also for canning and jams.
    Variety is of very early ripening period (I-II decade of September). It begins to produce fruits early (2-3 year). Productivity is regular (150 c/ha).
    It isn't damaged with pests and diseases.
    Value of variety: very early period of ripening, high productivity (35 kg/tree), fruits are with harmonic flavor, rich in biologically active substances.