Almond variety Bospor



     It differs with stable period of winter rest and very late period of blossom. It is self-fertility. It begins to produce fruits on the 3 year after planting. Trees have the height 4,6 m and diameter of crown 5,3 m when they are 18 years old. Top is round, almost like a ball, with thick foliage .
     Fruits are of medium early period of ripening.  Fruits are of medium size, round with tapering top. Shell is thin, but firm.
Productivity is regular and high (12 – 12,5 c/ha of dry nuts). Output of kernel is 34,8%. Medium mass of nut is 2,6 gr, kernel – 0,9 gr. Double kernels are almost absent.
     Advantages of the variety: late period of blossom, regular high productivity, similar size.