Peach variety KARNAVALNY



    Tree is medium vigorous with reversed cone-like medium thick crown.blossom is late (2 decade of April). Flowers are rosaceae.
    Fruits are larger then medium size. Fruit's mass is 160 gr. Fruits are wide-oval with lightly flat tip and round bottom. Skin is with medium pubescence, medium thick and firm. Ground color is yellow, sometime greenish yellow. Blush is red covered 100% of the surface. Flesh is yellow, fibrous, juicy, harmonic flavor.
    Stone is medium-sized, elliptic . Variety is  cling-stone.
    Fruits ripen in the 3 decade of July (28.07) on 5-7 days earlier then variety Sochny. Productivity is 116 c/ha. Variety is self-fruitful, differs with late blossom, bright blush, good transportability. It is good for industrial and individual plantations as high quality table variety with yellow flesh and early-medium ripening period.