Peach variety SOCHNY

    One of the most widely spread in the Crimea peach variety. It is early-medium variety bred in Nikitsky Botanical Gardens. It differs with early-ripening period, high and regular yield capacity, self-fruitful, high frost resistance for the conditions of steppe Crimea, medium drought-resistance. It is resistant to shot-hole disease. Tree is vigorous. It begins to produce fruits on the 3-4 year. Fruits are larger then medium size, mass is 124 gr., wide-oval with flat tip. Skin is thick, firm, but not rough, greenish creme with bright carmine or claret marble blush covered half of the surface. Fruit has thick felted pubescence. Flesh is light creme, soft, very juicy, lightly fibrous, quite aromatic, has sour-sweet flavor. Stone is medium-sized, round-oval. It is cling-stone. It ripens in the 1 decade of August. Fruits can't be kept long and do not good for shipping. It needs delicate harvesting and good package.  It is good for eating fresh. It can be used for juices.