Peach variety PUSHISTY RANNY

    Tree is vigorous with round, thick and slightly raised crown. Frost resistant is very high. It is resistant to mildew and shot-hole disease. It is self-fruitful, begins to produce fruits on the 3l year after planting in orchard. Productivity is very high and regular. Six years old tree produces 25-30 kg and 10 years old tree produces up to 100 kg/tree. Fruits are round, medium sized, 110-120 gr. Skin is medium thick with strong pubescence,felted. Ground color is greenish creme with carmine blush covered 80-90% of the surface.
    Flesh is white tinged with greenish creme, fibrous, juicy,satisfactory flavor. Stone is medium sized, mass is 7-8 gr. Fruit is cling-stone. It ripens  early in the Crimea (the end of the second decade of July).