Peach variety KREMLIVSKY


    Tree is vigorous, quickly grown, demanding to warmth, soil moisture. Resistance to drought is medium. Crown is wide-oval, slightly spreading. Flowers are medium  sized. Variety needs the pruning every year. Flower buds are weakly winter resistant. Shouts and leaves are suffered from mildew very much, buds – by shot-hole disease. Variety begins to produce fruits on the 3-4 year grafted on almond and on the 4-5 year grafted on peach. In the condition of South Coast of the Crimea the fruits ripen in the second decade of August during 5-8 days. Transportability is not very high. Fruits are large, 158 gr.,round. Skin is medium thick and firm. Main color is lovely, yellow-orange with carmine and claret blush covered 50-75 % of the surface. Flesh is yellow-orange, medium-textured and juicy, with pleasant harmonic taste and strong aroma. Stone is large, mass is 6,6 gr., oval. Variety is self-fruitful, medium ripening period, table variety.