Apricot variety NASLAZHDENIYE

    Tree is vigorous with round, spreading, medium thickness top and slightly raised branches.
    Fruits are 50-55 gr, oval or egg-shaped, slightly pressed on sides, slightly sharp top with tiny beak. Skin is orange with very bright carmine blush up to ½ of the surface with light pubescence, velvet. Flesh is light-orange,juicy,tender, with little acid, harmonic flavour. Stone is free, 3,2 gr (5,6% from fruit's mass).
    Fruits stay on the tree good. Variety is medium-late (3d decade of July). The use is universal. Productivity is good up to 8,0-9,0 t/ha. Winter resistant of generative buds and resistant to diseases is good. Variety is partially self-fruitful. Blossom in early medium periods.