Peach variety KANDIDATSKY

    Tree is of medium vigorous. Flowers are rosaflorae, large. Formation of buds is abundant. It ripens at the end of July, one week before Redhaven in the Crimes.
    Fruits are attractive: large (140-200 gr.), round, yellow with red blush covered 40% of the surface. Pubescence is light, felt. Flesh is yellow, juicy, fibrous consistency. Stone is medium-sized, free. Flavor is sour-sweet, harmonic. Biochemical content: dry substances – 13,4%, sugar – 8,6%, acid – 0.46%, vitamin C – 12,6 mg%, pectin – 0,46 %, anthocyanin – 11, leucoanthocyanin – 189, katehin – 39,6, carotene – 1,51%.
    It is recommended for industrial and individual orchards.